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How Zonazen works for specialists?

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How ZonaZen Helps You

What is Zonazen?

Zonazen is a Healthtech company that aims to help businesses improve the health and well-being of their employees, reducing costs associated with absences and leave due to emotional illnesses. The platform connects health and well-being professionals with companies interested in investing in the mental and emotional health of their employees.

How can Zonazen help me focus on doing what I love?

Zonazen is a platform that offers visibility in the vast ocean of the Internet so that industry professionals can grow and focus on doing what they love, while Zonazen handles marketing efforts, SEO and SEM, Ads, Plugins, traffic, and constant content updates. Additionally, we are a directory of professionals specializing in health and wellness services. We also offer valuable content, so you can be inspired, gain insights, and continue to grow as a professional without having to worry about questionable marketing and communication strategies that only drain your time and money.

What are the advantages of using Zonazen?

Zonazen offers valuable content in different formats to improve professional development. As a specialist, you will have access to exclusive tools thanks to our 5C technology: Con(Science), Connection, Care, Content, and Community. You will gain a lot of visibility on the Internet and can continue to grow, focusing on doing what you love, while we handle marketing efforts, SEO and SEM, Ads, Plugins, traffic, and constant content updates.

How does Zonazen's revenue model work?

Registering in Zonazen is free, forever! Our mission is to contribute to the fight against the epidemic of stress, anxiety, depression and burnout that is currently being experienced in the world. We believe that promoting the work of licensed mental health providers is one way to help people who need help. Create your professional profile, publish your services and expand your connection network to the whole world! In addition to the benefits of the free subscription, professionals who subscribe to our paid plan will have access to very advantageous special features such as appearing in the top positions in internal searches, regardless of their location. Greater visibility of your services, more opportunities to contact potential client companies, access to our 5C technology, access to relevant content and much more. The price of the payment plan is €20 per month plus VAT. Sign up now and start helping people who need your help! Join us and help change the world!

How does Zonazen support the growth of health and wellness professionals?

The platform was designed to facilitate connection and contact between professionals, companies, and people to help them grow their businesses. We offer a safe environment, with relevant and quality content, connecting professionals with social impact projects related to emotional health and well-being with interested companies and people. By joining the Zonazen platform, professionals have the opportunity to increase their visibility, positioning, and notoriety, bringing their knowledge to thousands of people. Additionally, by becoming partners of Zonazen, these professionals will have access to a large number of companies that need their services, increasing their revenues, experience, and knowledge in various areas. Zonazen is an excellent opportunity for mental health and wellness professionals who want to expand their businesses and reach a larger audience.

What is the Zonazen dashboard like?

The ZonaZen dashboard is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that allows health and wellness professionals to showcase their services in a clear and attractive way. Additionally, the dashboard allows professionals to redirect users to their social media and website, increasing their visibility and enabling more direct communication with potential clients. This is especially important for professionals looking to expand their businesses and establish a solid online presence. The dashboard also provides information on transactions made on the platform, allowing professionals to track their sales and efficiently manage their clients. With this information at their fingertips, professionals can make strategic decisions to improve their services, expand their businesses, and establish a strong and consolidated online presence.

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